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One of the most important considerations for our aging population is how can we remain safe in our homes? Statistics show that one out of three people over the age of 65 will fall this year. We know that many of these falls occur in the bathroom . Such falls often result in hospitalization, nursing home placement or worse. 


The good news is that there are many products available to make the bathroom safer and more relaxing for seniors, those with special needs and their families. Liftran Mobility has put together a complete range of products for total bath safety and priced them to be affordable for everyone.



Shower Commode Rehab Chair
Transfer Bench Sliding
Grab Bars
Moistened Wash Gloves
Tub Lift
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Need help selecting the best option? Please give us a call and we can work together to develop the best safety package to fit your needs. Some quick and effective solutions are:

* Install a shower/bath grab bar(s)

* Make sure you have a rubber bath mat inside the tub

* Use bath stools or shower chairs for bathing while seated

* Raised toilet seats and toilet handrails offer comfort and safety


With great products from Drive Medical, Tush Push Toilet Lifts and Joerns Hoyer we have what you need in stock and ready to ship. Take a safestep toward peace of mind today!

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