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Lift Walker With Stand Assist Bars

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The LiftWalker stand assist with retractable poles helps people stand with minimal assistance. Using the LiftWalker poles the user pulls themselves up to a standing position while a caregiver steadies the unit. This not only promotes stimulation and independence but avoids possible injuries to the user and caregiver when manual lifting takes place. Safe standing and user ambulation are accomplished. In order to use the LiftWalker it is important that the user has the strength to pull themselves up from a seated position with minimal assistance. If they do not have that capability they may be a candidate for an electric stand assist lift. 

Click below to watch a video of the LiftWalker being used:


* Lightweight aluminum weighs only 11lbs

* Safely supports up to 300lb

* Overall width 25"

* Depth 22.5"

* Adjust with individual retractable poles from 33.5" - 39.5"

* 5" wheels with lockable foot brakes




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