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We have the help you need with any Apex or Bestcare patient lift or sling. If you do not find a solution below or want to insure your diagnosis is correct don't hesitate to call us. We want to get your lift working asap. We also carry parts for most Medline, Lumex and Alliance brand lifts. Never use a patient lift or sling if you have not read and fully understand all the operating procedures and safety precautions. Do not use a patient lift if it is not functioning according to your owners manual.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our 100% returnable parts diagnosis. In a few minutes we can walk you through any issue with your patient lift and recommend a solution.Often times it is something simple and you are back using your lift immediately!


We also offer full technical support and parts service for all other products we sell!



For copies of Apexlift / Bestcare Patient lift Owner's Manuals please click below each model:

Genesis Lifts:


450LE Model:


650HD Model:


Stella Stand Assist Models:


Spryte Stand Aid:



Troubleshooting Guide



The following list of encountered problems and solutions will assist you in determining what may be causing your Apex or Bestcare lift not to function as designed. If you have a problem occurring which is not listed below please contact us at 1-800-742-0453 ASAP. Do not attempt to repair components or parts on your lift as this may invalidate your warranty or cause further problems that may result in patient injury. Stop using your lift immediately if it is not functioning correctly or any warning beeps are heard.



What is the proper method to check my battery levels ?

  • Always make sure your charger is unplugged and red button up first
  • Never check batteries while using the hand control as the lift draws current during use
  • Press down the "battery" sign dimple next to the window where the lights come on
  • If you see only a red light you need to charge
  • If you see a red and amber you need to charge
  • if you see a red, amber and one green you will need to re-charge soon
  • If you see a red. amber and two or more green lights you do not need to re-charge


I need to re-charge my batteries often or they fail to hold a charge

  • Replace the 2 internal batteries as they are at the end of their life cycle
  • Batteries should be changed every 18-24 months depending on usage

When I plug my charger into the control box I see no lights on the battery indicator

  • Check to make sure the red re-set button is in the up position
  • Check to make sure the charger is firmly in the control box and plugged into a wall socket
  • Replace your charger as it is at the end of its life cycle
  • If your charger is transmitting current then you need to replace your PCB board in the control box

My actuator makes a clicking sound when I attempt to use my lift

  • Check to make sure the actuator plug is pushed into the control box so the O Ring is not visible
  • Your actuator needs to be replaced as it is at the end of its life cycle
  • Your PCB board in the control box may be malfunctioning

The actuator will either go up or down but not both

  • Replace your hand control as it is at the end of its life cycle
  • Your PCB board in the control box may be malfunctioning

There is a grinding sound inside the actuator when lifting

  • Replace your actuator as the internal gears are stripped

The actuator stops and starts while lifting or lowering

  • Replace your batteries as they are at the end of their life cycle

My lift will not operate even though it shows the batteries are charged

  • Disconnect your charger from the control box as the lift will not work when the charger is attached
  • Check to make sure the hand control is properly inserted to control box
  • Check to make sure your actuator is properly connected to the control box
  • Your hand control needs to be replaced as it is at the end of its life cycle

My lift will not operate and battery indicator has no lights illuminated

  • Check to make sure the red re-set button is in the up position
  • The internal batteries may not be connected together properly with the connection wires
  • Batteries will no longer hold a charge and must be replaced
  • Your PCB board is damaged and must be replaced

When lifting I hear 3 long beeps from the control box

  • You are attempting to lift someone heavier than the safe working load
  • Stop the lift and lower safely to bed or chair immediately

When lifting I hear short quick chirping sounds from the control box

  • Charge the batteries
  • Replace the batteries if they fail to hold a charge

There is oil leaking from my Genesis hydraulic pump

  • A slight amount of oil may be seen on the lifting shaft of the pump. This will not affect the performance of the lift and may be wiped clean if desired.
  • Fluid oil leaking from the bottom portion of the pump indicates a broken seal and the pump should be replaced as soon as possible. 

My Genesis pump will not lift the boom?

  • Check to make sure the hydraulic pump is installed correctly with the red knob at the bottom. If a pump is installed upside down it will not allow any lifting.
  • Turn the red release knob counter clock wise fully to the open position. Pump the handle 5 times and then reverse the red knob until it is fully closed.This may allow air trapped inside to escape. In most cases this will fix the problem and the pump will work again. If it still does not work replace with model # DPL450H-PUMP for the Genesis. Note all pumps are not interchangeable and will only work on the lift they were designed for.

My Genesis pump goes up and then drops down slightly?

  • Air may be trapped inside the pump. Use a Phillips screwdriver to open the release screw on the top side of the pump housing. Allow pump to lower all the way down. Tighten the release screw with the screwdriver and the pump should resume normal operation. If the pump continues to malfunction it must be replaced. 


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