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Are lifts covered under Medicare?


Medicare considers electric lifts to be a luxury and therefore only manual/hydraulic lifts such as the Genesis 400H qualify under Medicare.



Can an Apexlift lift a person from the floor?


Yes, all of our lifts are designed with a low profile to allow for safe and easy lifting from the floor. Not all lift manufacturers can state this.



How do I know which lift will work best for my situation?


Several factors must be considered before selecting the best lift. Weight of the patient and any special physical conditions such as muscle control and upper body strength levels are important determinants. Also the type of lifting tasks required and are there space or caregiver limitations? We understand the importance of matching the right lift with the user and will take the time to make sure we listen and get it right! Selecting the wrong sling can also result in a poor experience for all concerned. Call us and let's work together to insure your complete satisfaction.


What is the difference between a floor lift and a stand assist lift?


Floor or total lifts are used when patients cannot bear weight on their legs and can offer minimal assistance during the lift and transfer (more dependent). These lifts are also used when transferring a patient from room to room. Stand assist lifts are used for pivot transfers from a bed to chair or commode and vice versa. Stand assist lifts are only advised for patients that can bear weight on at least one leg and have some upper body strength (less dependent).



Why is the number of hooks on the spreader bar important?


We use 6-point spreader bar attachments because we believe that 6 connecting points to the spreader bar is safer than traditional 2 or 4 point hookups.  In addition with our 6 point system the patient girth is spread over a wider area ultimately allowing for a much more comfortable lifting experience.



Should the casters be locked during the lift process?


It varies by lift type. The casters should be unlocked when using standard lifts in order for the lift to move slightly during lifting to maintain perfect patient balance over the base. This is a safety precaution. Conversely it is recommended that casters be locked while lifting a resident with a stand assist lift. Always follow the instructions regarding casters in your owner’s manual.


Is it ok if we occasionally lift someone who is slightly heavier than the safe working load limit?

No. Never lift someone if their weight is in excess of the stated safe working load limit!




What makes this lift so unique?


There are several features that are unique:

  • No tools required assembly
  • May be quickly converted from hydraulic to electric
  • Light enough to fit in the trunk of a car
  • The 400E Electric has the lowest MSRP in the industry


How long does it take to install the electric upgrade kit?


The kit comes with easy to follow instructions and can be installed in less than 20 minutes requiring minimal effort and no tools.





What is this lift used for?


A stand assist lift is used to pivot transfer a patient from the edge of the bed to a chair or commode and vice versa. It reduces back injuries to caregivers because they no longer have to bend over and pull the patient up.



Can it be used on any patient?


No. The patient must have some upper body strength to hold on and grasp the lift handles. They also must be capable of bearing weight on at least one leg.



Why not just use a regular lift?


Using a stand assist lifts allows for faster transfers of patients versus traditional lifts. In addition weight bearing and standing prevent bone loss and strengthens muscles. Involving the resident in the process promotes overall health.


Some patients with larger mid sections have difficulty using these lifts?

In these situations we recommend the use of the Apex Buttock Strap along with the standard sling to assist with the initial lift. A toileting sling on a stand assist lift can also be very helpful with residents who have sensitive back pain issues.



Isn’t this lift just for nursing homes and hospitals?


In the past the price of such lifts made it difficult for people to buy for their homes. Plus competitive lifts often are complicated and difficult to operate. The Stella stand assist lift is very affordable and easy to operate therefore many people now can have the benefit of this type of lift at home.





When should this lift be considered?


The Briana Bedside Lift has been discontinued.  Please call for alternatives and for limited available Parts.

The Briana is designed for limited space where floor lifts will not maneuver in confined areas. Because the lift sits alongside and behind the bed it takes up little if any floor space and the boom swings out of the way when not in use. Alternative ceiling lifts are permanently installed and much more expensive than the Briana.


Can the Briana be moved?


The lift itself may be moved slightly while in place on its caster system to achieve proper positioning. However the lift is not designed to be mobile and must be disassembled prior to being moved. There are no tools required for assembly or disassembly.






How do I select the proper sling?


Do not underestimate the importance of correct sling selection. Patient weight, height and special physical conditions all are key factors. In addition the type of lifting tasks planned will have a bearing on which sling to use. Call our experts for assistance with this important process. Proper sling selection is critical in assuring a safe and comfortable lift.



What is the difference between a universal sling and a full body sling?


A universal sling has a “U” shape and split leg design. This style is much easier to apply when patients are in a chair or bed. A full body sling requires much more effort and patient movement in order to apply or take off the sling. Both will provide a safe lift however.


When should a mesh sling be used?


Mesh slings are excellent for bathing applications because they dry quickly. Also when patients may remain in the sling after transfer mesh slings allow breath ability and are lighter than full fabric slings. Should the patient have issues with skin sensitivity or pressure points generally a padded sling should be used rather than mesh.



Which sling is best when a patient has limited upper body and/ or head control?


Apex has mesh and padded fabric slings available with full head support for situations such as this.


What is the advantage to having 6 sling loops versus 2 or 4?


The more loops attached to the lift the safer the lift will be. In addition a 6-point hook up spreads the girth of the patient out rather than squeezing them into a smaller area. This makes for a far more comfortable lifting experience.


Why is the Apex Sani sling the best option for toileting?


Unlike other toileting slings the Apex Sani is not just a sling with a hole cut in it. This sling is specially designed with lumbar and under arm padding for comfortable lifting. More importantly the entire perinea area is exposed to allow for easier clothing adjustments. Patients prefer the dignity such a sling provides and caregivers find them much easier to work with.


How is the Apex Stand Assist sling superior to other such slings?


This sling has been designed with extra lumbar and under arm padding. The wide back has a non-slip inner material to stop the sling from riding up. Cross belt padding increases the comfort level. The sling also has a unique cross over black strap which keeps the sling perfectly positioned during the lift. Professional caregivers agree that this is a superior stand assist sling to eliminate injuries found when competitive belt type slings are used.


What do Invacare/ Hoyer compatible mean?


These slings are made to the same weight, size, color and specifications as the Invacare or Hoyer brand and are safe to use on all types of lifts providing they are used in accordance with the user instructions provided. Apex has priced these slings to save you money!


I can no longer read the tag on my Apex/Bestcare sling to know the size?


The grab strap on the back of the sling is color coded by size

(red=small; yellow=medium; green=large; white=extra large)


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