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Invacare Disposable Full Body Slings

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$297.00 - $334.00

Save the cost of laundering and help with infectious control by using these Invacare® compatible full body slings with commode openings. Bestcare has added these to the already popular line of Invacare® replacement full body R Series slings. Made from inert polypropylene in multiple plies for strength that has a safe working load of 450lb.(Note RD141 has 600lb limit). Single patient use of these disposable patient lift slings saves money versus laundering cloth toileting slings. Hygiene is also improved and staff will find using these full body slings will reduce the patient time required. Safe for use on any lift that uses loop style slings. 

SL-RD114 (best fit 100lb-195lb)
SL-RD115 (best fit 150lb-300lb)
SL-RD116 (best fit 210lb-400lb)
SL-RD141 (best fit 290lb-600lb)

NOTE: SOLD AND PRICED BY THE BOX OF TEN SLINGS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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