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Low Back Disposable Slings

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$348.00 - $378.00

SL-GD431 Small (65lb-110lb)     SOLD AND PRICED BY THE BOX OF TEN ONLY


SL-GD432 Medium (85lb-175lb)

SL-GD433 Large (155lb-265lb)

SL-GD434 XLarge (250lb-600lb)

Basic Low back disposable patient lift sling without head support. Bestcare manufacturers these slings to be fully compatible with both Guldmann® and Liko® basic low back lift slings. Durable and comfortable polypropylene with four strap loops will work with any patient lift using hook type lift bars. Low back slings have stays in the back to provide excellent support and posture for the back and torso. The stays in the back also makes applying a sling while patient is in a chair much easier. Single patient disposable slings reduce cost associated with laundering and loss. Significantly reduce cross contamination prevalent with shared cloth patient lift slings. Made with a safe working load of 600lbs in four individual sizes. Promote hygiene management without compromising safety, comfort or durability. 

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