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$122.50 - $160.50

Toileting sling made from soft padded polyester provides maximum comfort and functionality. Easy to apply and use this sling is well padded under the arms and lumbar for maximum comfort. Large open area to make clothing adjustments easily and eliminate the need for poorly designed slings with commode hole cut outs. This sling also works on stand assist lifts for patients requiring more under arm comfort and lower body support. Ease of use for the caregiver and superior comfort and dignify for the patient. Safe load of 400lb except X Large which is 600lb safe load.


  • Small size fits torso size 26"-42" or 85lb-140lb
  • Medium size fits torso size 30"-48" or 140lb-200lb
  • Large size fits torso size 38"-50' or 200lb-350lb
  • Extra Large size fits torso size 58'-73" or 350lb-600lb (safe load for XL is 600lb)





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