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Apex 450E
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not for sale anymore, only parts available
Eligible for FREE Shipping(Eligible for FREE Shipping)

Apex 450E is built with maximum patient safety and comfort and has 400lb weight capacity. Moves easily and will pick up from the floor. Six point sling hook up increases comfort and safety. Foot pedal base opener allows for easy widening and legs are rubber coated for protection of beds and furniture. Caregivers will find the lift easy to use with basic control functions. May be fitted with optional weigh scale DSC200. Wide range of slings to facilitate any lifting situation. Model DPL450LE (Also sold as Lumex LF1050; Medline MDS400EL; Alliance 1902)


* 400lb weight capacity

* Pick up from floor

* Emergency lowering device

* Standard low base

* Replacement parts lower cost than competitive models

* Two year warranty


Copy of Owner's Manual: Manual.pdf

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