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Hoyer Presence 500lb Floor Lift

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Click below for a video presentation of the Hoyer Prescence patient lift: 



The Presence is engineered and designed to handle almost any resident-handling task. With its outstanding lift range, the Presence can accommodate lifts from the floor, as well as transfers to higher surfaces. The 500 lb. safe working load and greater spatial area make this lift a perfect fit for larger residents.

  • The ergonomic foot pad assists caregiver with initiating movement
  • The hand control clip holds the pendant in place when it is not being used, preventing it from falling and possible damage
  • The Presence cradle can be ordered with an optional scale to simplify resident weighing
  • Electric base opening
Safe Working Load: 500 lbs
Maximum Overall Length: 57.5 in.
Minimum Overall Length: 55.1 in.
Maximum Overall Height 81.3 in.
Minimum Overall Height: 57.5 in.
Spreader Bar Maximum Height 75.2 in.
Spreader Bar Minimum Height 16.9 in.
Height at Maximum Reach: 51.5"
Reach at Maximum Height: 25.6"
Reach at Minimum Height 15.7"
Maximum Reach 36.6"
Turning Radius: 64.2 in.
Legs Open - External Width: 4.1 in.
Legs Open - Internal Width: 40.1 in.
Legs Closed - External Width 26.4 in.
Legs Closed - Internal Width 22.8 in.
Overall Height of Legs 4.7 in.
Ground Clearance 1.4 in.
Front Twin Casters 4.0"
Rear Braked Casters 4.0"
Overall Height of Legs: 4.7"
Ground Clearance: 1.4"
Electrical Specifications
Battery 24vDC rechargeable sealed lead acid type
Battery capacity 3.2A Ampere hours
Charger rated input 100-240V AC 24 VDC 50/60Hz
Charger rated output 29.5 VDC, Max. 19 W
Electric Shock Protection
Charger Class II
Lift Internal power source
Degree of Shock Protection
Charger Type B
Lift Type B
Intended operating environment > 5°C < 40°C
Outside this environment functionality and safety may be compromised


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