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Genesis Hydraulic Lift 400H

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Genesis 400
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Genesis manual hydraulic patient lift that can be converted to electric patient lift at any time using upgrade kit # 400K.

Genesis hydraulic lift with 400lb weight capacity. Easily assembles without tools and provides a safe and extremely comfortable lift. Caregiver can move the lift freely with little effort and this lift will pick a person up from the floor. Wide range of slings available to meet any lifting situation. Pump allows for steady lifting and this lift has a foot pedal base opener for additional caregiver ease. Standard low base for accessibility under most beds. Model number DPL400H (Also sold as Alliance 1900)


* 400lb capacity

* Easy foot pedal base opening

* Compact design for trunk transport

* Convert to electric at any time using optional kit # 400K

* Two year warranty


Copy of Owner's Manual: 400 Manual(1).pdf









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