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Hoyer Journey Stand Assist Lift

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The Journey Lift Key Product Features:

Unique Folding Design:
* The Journey's unique folding design stands unaided for easy storage.
* The compact design provides an ideal size for transporting.

NEW !!!   Adjustable Cow-Horn:
* The unique adjustable cow-horn mechanism supports a range of resident heights and sizes.
* Ideal for transfers from low chairs.

Adjustable Kneepad:
* The newly designed sculpted kneepad is easily adjusted for ultimate patient comfort.
* Adjustable with one hand.

Newly Designed Bump Guard:
* Our newly designed bump guard provides additional protection against base plates and paint finishes in your facility.

Also with the Journey Lift is that it is compact and lightweight, allowing caregivers to manoeuvre in tight spaces while folding for easy storage or transportation. For additional ease of use the Journey has an electric base opening system.

The first on the market adjustable cow-horn mechanism supports a range of patient heights and sizes, allowing your facility to have one lift that meets the needs of many.


Electrical Specifications

  • Battery 24vDC rechargeable sealed lead acid type

  • Battery capacity 3.2A Ampere-hours

  • Charger rated input 100-240V AC VDC 50/60Hz

  • Charger rated output 29.5 VDC. Max. 19W

Electrical Shock Protection

  • Charger - Class II

  • Lift - Internal power source

Degree of shock protection

  • Charger - Type B

  • Lift - Type B

  • Intended operating environment: > 5°C < 40° C

  • Outside this environment functionality and safety may be compromised.










Safe Working Load

341 lbs.

155 kg

Maximum Overall Length

39.4 in.

1000 mm

Minimum Overall Length

36.8 in.

935 mm

Maximum Overall Height

63 in.

1600 mm

Minimum Overall Height

44.5 in.

1130 mm

Maximum Height to Attachment Point

60.2 in.

1529 mm

Minimum Height to Attachment Point

28.4 in.

721 mm

Turning Radius

45.1 in.

1145 mm

Legs Open - External Width

38.2 in.

970 mm

Legs Open - Internal Width

34.5 in.

876 mm

Legs Closed - External Width

27.0 in.

685 mm

Legs Closed - Internal Width

22.2 in.

564 mm

Widest Point (between support handles)

18.8 in.

478 mm

Overall Height of Legs

4.3 in.

109 mm

Ground Clearance

1.2 in.

30 mm

Front Twin Casters

3 in.

76 mm

Rear Braked Casters

4 in.

101 mm


Mast, Base, Boom Assembly

82.4 lbs.

37.4 kg

Power Pack

6.2 lbs.

2.8 kg


88.6 lbs.

40.2 kg

Base Assembly (not including battery)

30.2 lbs.

13.7 kg

Mast & Boom (not including battery)

42.3 lbs.

19.2 kg

Foot Tray

9.9 lbs.

4.5 kg


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