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Spryte Stand Aid
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The Spryte stand aid is a transport assist unit for moving patients from one surface to the other. It keeps the resident active and engaged in the transfer while assisting with rehab functionality. All transports can be achieved safely and quickly with minimum caregiver assistance. The padded split seat opens to allow loading and unloading. The patient grasps the middle support bar and pulls themselves to a standing position then the seat pads are lowered to form a full support seat. The caregiver then easily wheels the unit to the new location and the loading procedures are reversed to safely reposition the patient.

Note: Spryte is designed for patients that have the strength and stability to lift and support themselves including upper body control. For patients with limited strength and body control a stand assist or full body lift is recommended.


* 400lb weight capacity

* Dual knee pads for secure positioning

* Fits through narrow door ways with 25.5" max width

* Compact foot print

* Optional safety strap ( #SL-SA669)

* Ships UPS and assembles in minutes


Copy of Owner's Manual and How to Use Spryte: Manual.pdf

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