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MS 3000

The Wenzelite MSS Tilt and Recline pediatric seating system now has one size accomodating the same growth range as previous 2 models. It is for use by children with moderate to severe physical involvement.


* Maximum weight of child 100lb

* Multi axis head rest fully adjustable may be off center

* Adjustable H harness for anterior support of the chest

* Back can be adjusted for height and angle

* Pelvic belt length adjustable

* Laterals adjust in height and width for stabilizing and aligning trunk and pelvis

* Laterals adjust individually controlling unwanted weight shifts

* Armrest has height and angle adjustments

* Chair widths may be adjusted with 2 sizes of adductors

* Adductors control lower extremity positions

* Foot sandals have toe loop and have individual adjustments for custom fit


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