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$555.00 - $925.00

The Trekker pediatric gait trainer is extremely versatile allowing a wide range of options and accessories depending upon the needs and abilities of the user. There are 3 models with weight capacities up to 200lb. The Trekker also can be used in the anterior or posterior position providing maximum flexibility.

* Casters can be set to either swivel or move in one direction

* Speed can be controlled by adjusting the variable speed wheel settings

* Height adjustable in 1" increments

* Tool free accessory mounting on frame provides multiple user aids based on their abilities and needs

* TK 1000 small has 75lb weight capacity

* TK 2000 medium has 150lb capacity

* TK 3000 large has 200lb capacity


Accessories that may be added or removed include:

* Forearm platform #TK1035

* Handgrips #TK1045

* Ankle #TK1060 and/or Thigh # TK1090 prompts

* Hip positioner #TK1070

* Trunk support #TK1080

(accessories are sold separately)


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